Soft >Snark


Tired of all my usual radio stations, last night I landed on Magic FM and Delilah’s syndicated call in/easy listening/dedication show. My desired cool girl sensibilities usually cause me to scan past 99.5 as quickly as possible, but last night I stopped to listen; a mom discussed the heartbreak of asking her addict son to leave the house, a husband wished his wife happy anniversary, and a step-mom wished her step-son a happy birthday. I began to cry. People from across the country in need of connection and a soft place to fall and this DJ gave them that opportunity.

As I wiped away tears, I couldn’t help but think about how hard life is and how, if there is anything that brings you joy or makes it just a bit easier, do it!!!  The past few weeks have been full of breakups, evacuations, health concerns, legal problems, addiction, turmoil, uncertainty, fear, and melancholy just in my immediate circle of friends, family, and colleagues. And that is to say nothing of the world wide protests, climate change chaos, corruption, anger, and frustration seen and heard on the news.


I used to judge much of pop music as easy listening fluff, not deep enough for my obvious depth. I had no interest in anything I might hear playing in a mall. Now, please, just give me those love songs! I find myself craving a kind of analog simplicity found in old movies and music. Connection that has nothing to do with the digital age version of that word. And softness. As life intensifies, my compassion grows and my tolerance for snark in any form shrinks. Who has the time or the energy?

There is a humility that comes with age. It is not easy, this life thing. Everyone is doing the best they possibly can and  if they could do better, they would. We all are and would. So, go easy.

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