Astro Crazy

Geez O Peet. Do not read your October horoscope if you’re trying to maintain a cool, calm, and collected vibe. It doesn’t matter your sign for apparently the planets are out to wreak havoc on each and every one of us in the coming month.

Though a bit of an astrology junkie, there are many terms I don’t fully understand as I flip from site to site, looking for something that rings true. I walk a fine line between taking it all with a grain of salt and really believing it. I then end up worrying that by having read about a potential difficulty, I am helping to manifest such a situation by thinking about it. At that point I turn off the computer, fold the newspaper, and cut myself off.

As someone who tries to live her life from a place of faith and trust in the universe, I realize that the times when I find myself obsessing about astrology are usually the same ones when I’m having a hard time keeping that faith. I want answers, something to tell me it’s all good, there’s a date when it will all become clear, and that I have some control. Well…. I can pretend all I want, but should know by now that all I can ever do is stay present, make decisions based on the information I have at the moment, and keep moving forward.

So, at the moment I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, it’s a beautiful October morning outside, and, though each astrologer says the first week of the month is supposed to be a killer, this doesn’t seem so bad.


One thought on “Astro Crazy

  1. I agree- while driving today I thought of a new bumper sticker: ” the government is shut down but I’m still here” Same could be said of the astrological report- whoopee, enjoy the ride.

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