All Things Smagik

The first days of Spring when people, animals, and plants begin to emerge from hibernation.

Dinners that go on and on, course after course, bottle after bottle, people changing seats, chatting, getting up to go outside, coming back, no one wants to leave.

Swimming in the ocean.

Sunday brunch at my dad’s.

Having a full conversation in Spanish and knowing I used the past tense in the appropriate places.

Reading a book that is so good I ration the final pages.

Sitting at the table in my mom’s kitchen, watching her whip up something from nothing.

When the lightbulb goes on and I really get it.

The perfect cup of tea.

Waking before my alarm, feeling rested.

Summer nights.

Wine in the kitchen with friends.


Blueberry mojitos in Moab, in July.

When the words just come.


Dancing, anywhere, anytime.

Getting what you want when you want it.

Black Lava Sea Salt, on anything.

Knowing I am happy when I am happy.

The change of seasons.

Rain in the desert.

Eye contact.

The perfect song at the perfect moment.

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