Mundane joy. A friend recently texted me that this was both her current state and yearly goal. How beautiful, I thought. That’s what I want too.

After three insane Wednesdays in a row (insane begins with i; as does insurrection, impeachment, and inauguration), I want nothing more than to build a fire, drink the dark chocolate Dutch cacao I recently bought at an import grocery store, and light the green tea incense I also recently bought, at yet another grocery store. I do these things today instead, on a Tuesday, because tomorrow I’ll start my first full time, albeit short, film job since Covid craziness began.

This morning we woke to a snow storm I didn’t know was forecast and in the late morning I bundled up and headed out for a walk. Icy in the shade but it melted quickly once the sun hit from middle of the sky. Clear skies, white mountains, pink clouds. It’s sharp and clean outside.

A neighbor cat spent the better part of the afternoon sitting under my bird feeder, skittering away every time I banged on the window. I love watching birds crack seeds in their beaks.

Mundane joy.

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