Vibrant 2020

Wowza! A lot can happen in a decade. But, then, a lot can happen in a year, month, and day too.
The 2010’s.
Though they took up my thirties, I can’t help but relate to the fact that they were the teens of our century. Tumultuous, to say the least. Growth, change, and personal lessons up the wazoo. So grateful that old patterns can change with effort and that the path became a little clearer as new lessons presented themselves. It was a decade that asked me to take ownership of the life I want and to stop living passively.
As I look towards 2020 and beyond, the feeling I want is one of being truly alive and present, confident in my worth and able to stand in the light, choosing love always.
My word for 2020 is Vibrant. Pulsating with life. Responsive. Sensitive. Healthy. Joyful. Present.
Wishing you a truly joyous, smagik, light filled, and peaceful New Year and decade.
What’s your word?

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