Crossed Paths

A serval crosses the road in front of us, thousands of miles away from anywhere that a serval should cross the road. We stop the car and stare. Native to sub Saharan Africa, we are in northern New Mexico, driving home from an unsuccessful wild mushroom hunt at the Santa Fe ski area. He, or she, saunters across the road, in no hurry, in no way scared of us. What is it? Not a leopard, nor a lynx or ocelot. Three days later a serval is lured into a cage with a rotisserie chicken by the department of Game and Fish and our question is answered. How it came to be there, no one knows. An exotic escapee from someone’s nearby mansion? Possibly.

A friend sends a message about what big cat sightings might mean.

Caracal symbolizes timing, catching your dreams, and self-care. 

Caracal is an amazing jumper, the best catcher of birds of any cats. You can spring forth your desires, leap ahead, and catch your dreams when the timing is right.

Two days later, a coyote crosses my path in broad daylight. Through a patch of sunflowers, on its way to the river, a brief look my way and it continues on. Keep it light, the trickster reminds me.

Yesterday, a snail inches his way across my porch. A trail of dots in its wake. Slow and steady. Keep going, little dude. 

Timing. Patience. Presence. Keep it Light. Catch those Dreams.

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