Yes. No. Goodbye. 

Yes. No. Good Bye. Just back from a fantastic 48 hour jaunt to LA and I am going through recently snapped photos, while elegantly dressed stars strut their stuff down the red carpet on TV.  This photo,  of a stenciled picnic-table at Trails cafe in Griffith Park,  makes me smile, seeing it as the perfect image/metaphor for my life right now. 

Certain themes keep popping up, among them making clear choices, letting go, traveling, saying yes, saying no, and trusting that even when I can’t see the forest for the trees, I am being guided and the trees will eventually part, making way for a view. Sitting at the picnic table, in the LA version of a forest, after two random hikes in oddly inappropriate clothing, the sun dappled the table and the “happy iced tea” was cold and tart. 


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