The Life of an Object

I am home from LA and life is falling into its usual, albeit odd, unemployed routine of morning coffee/blogging and the rearranging of furniture and bookshelves. 

After unpacking my suitcase, two pieces of hand printed mud cloth found their way onto my furniture and the velvet jacket into my closet. 

 Always on the lookout for unique treasures, whether traveling or not, it’s the integration of those items into my life that I really love. The fish pillows I found at the Railyard Market in Albuquerque, look great on the arrow print fabric, as does the hand embroidered pillow from a market in Mexico City. And the velvet jacket hangs well next to the silk jacket found years ago at The  Goodwill.  

As I sit at my kitchen table, drinking coffee, I look at the objects surrounding me and love that each has its own story. 

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