The wheel keeps spinning, always reminding me that this too shall pass. I’ve spent much of the last few years becoming ok with simply being in the middle area, serene and content, without highs too high or lows too low. 

 But, at the moment, I find myself  at the top, checking out the view, and enjoying every second of this rockin’ awesome high flying ride I happen to be on.   

If you’re not feeling this way, this too shall pass. I spent a lot of time praying for a balanced state of contentment and serenity and, while that’s great, the highs, lows, and middles all really feed each other. The rough times led me to appreciate the good in a way nothing else could and the good can be so intense and fun, it can be exhausting.  And both lead me to appreciate the serenity of the in between. But, in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy every second of this ride!