Ever’thing there is but lovin’ leaves a rust on yo’ soul. 

-Langston Hughes

On Friday, I was driving from the desert to the Rocky Mountains when I heard the news that the Supreme Court had just legalized same sex marriage in all 50 states. I listened to story after story as the thermometer dropped and eventually the static took over. Love and Equality had triumphed  on a beautiful morning in June. 

Arriving in Silverton, Colorado, I could hear my relatives voices from the rooftop balcony of the restaurant where I was supposed to meet them.  The night before the wedding. My cousin was marrying the girl of his dreams and this is a man who knows how to dream. Standing on the roof as the sun set, laughing with cousins, drinking some delicious mojito inspired drink, the day’s theme of love continued and was lovely. 

The next morning, we took the chairlift from the base of Silverton Mountain to its peak at 12,500′ to watch two people who love, respect, adore, and trust each other exchange vows. As I watched and listened, I felt the same giddiness I’d felt the day before, listening to the radio.

Love won and, I believe, always will. 

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