Though starting a new job and coming down with a cold might not lead one to think of fun, fun has actually been the recurring theme of my week. How to take things, myself, and everything less seriously and simply view it all as a big adventure? That is my goal. And, just by keeping that idea in mind, I am able to replace thoughts of drudgery with those of enjoyment.

My sister recently signed me up for Notes from the Universe, (which I recommend!) and a recent one warned against choosing easy routes over fun ones. Wow! Easy and comfortable has been my MO for years and fun was never even a thought. Not that I never had any, but the idea that it could be a way of living and a part of every decision I made was a truly new concept.

Right after I read that note, I came across an excerpt from the book “You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life”, by Jen Sincero, in the Local IQ paper, in which she urges readers to “see what you can get away with….it takes all the pressure off, puts the punk rock attitude in and reminds us that life is but a game.” I love that!

Just by keeping these ideas close, I’ve been laughing more, it’s been easier to let certain things go, and I’ve been more adventurous because, why not? I plan to put all of my wishes out there, say yes to the absurdity that is this life on earth, and, instead of automatically limiting my ideas as unrealistic or naive, seeing what I can get away with.


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