Oh, Amsterdam. I love your windows and I love your shops. I love the souvenir shops, full of clogs and windmills and marijuana leaves as much as the beautifully curated, small ones, full of treasures I never knew I wanted.

A highlight from yesterday was nooosugar at Oude Leliestraat 8 (www.nooosugar.nl) Full of unique, handmade items from Holland, Turkey, and Morocco, I came away with a pair of Turkish, side zip leather slippers, but had to refrain from a number of things that would never fit in my suitcase.

Not far from there, I stumbled upon The Otherist at Leliegracht 6 (www.otherist.com), a store with an apothecary vibe, full of strange bottles and things you can’t stop looking at.

Between the shops, street markets full of vintage clothing, records, flowers, and jewelry pop up, asking to be wandered through.

On Kloveniersburgwal 44A, I came across Anna and Nina (anna-nina.nl), and yet again had to refrain from filling my bag with notebooks and spoons.

Shops full of both modern, Dutch design and medieval nostalgia abound and, as they are two of my favorite aesthetics, I am in heaven. The guide book had many recommendations for interesting shops, but I find that seeing what I stumble upon is usually best.