One Year

I imagine blogging to be a bit like being a radio DJ. A DJ at a cool, independent radio station with the midnight to 6am shift. You speak and write, wondering if anyone is out there listening until, in the end, you realize it doesn’t matter. You do it for yourself and if someone gets something from it, that’s a bonus!

I started this blog one year ago today, having never really even looked at a blog before. It was begun as a way to entertain myself between jobs and possibly to document my life while on a job, when I tend to drop off the radar.

Setting up the blog, I chose the tag line “finding beauty in the everyday ” without any thought beyond “oh, shoot, they want me to have a line that describes what it’s about under the title.” I figured I could change it later when I decided what it was about. Looking back now, I am so grateful that that’s the line that popped into my head.

During what has been a somewhat topsy turvy year, that line has served as my assignment. On days when I was having a hard time finding the beauty, I simply made myself look harder and there it was.

Beauty is clarity after confusion, the color of Campari, the greys between black and white, the journey, imperfections, checking things off the bucket list, the roses on my counter, visiting with those I love, gratitude, presence, postcards from afar, grace found within the lessons, laughing on the phone with friends, a home cooked meal, and trust. I could go on and on. It’s everywhere.


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