Objects and Animals Crossing My Path


While on a walk yesterday, two porcupines appeared next to the path and continued on their way. That same day, a small, grey sparrow got stuck in my chimney and, after finally making his way down into the main cavern of the wood stove, freed himself, flying out the open front door. Then, while outside watering my plants, I came across page 431-432 of the book Shadowland by Peter Straub. It must have blown into my yard after coming loose from its binding and now some poor person is missing this page from their book.

Being someone who likes to read meaning into unusual findings and meetings, I found each of these encounters strange and interesting.

After googling porcupine totem, I came to the sight spirit-animals.com and read-
“Know that you are protected and that protection is always available to you. It’s time to be yourself, and trust that it is safe to be who you are. The focus here is on faith and trust and the knowing that you can move mountains with these powers.”

Later, after listening to the bird make his way down the chimney, I watched him free himself and fly outside, happily. Though birds in houses are considered bad omens by some, I’m choosing to see the freedom and joy which this little guy experienced.

Reading the page from Shadowland, it seems to be a story about a magician or a king, a man has a sparrow tucked in his shirt, characters are called names like Coleman Collins and Herbie Butter. I’d like to read the book, see what the first 430 pages were about.
The last passage on page 432 says-
“Have you ever tried?” came her voice.
“No, not projecting myself like that.”
“Then try it.”
“Right now?”

Hmmm, I’m intrigued.

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