A Workroom

I recently remodeled my house and part of the reason was to create a studio out of my old bedroom. I needed a room in which to store my fabrics, books, miscellaneous collections, typewriter, and tools. My pre-remodel house had a laminate wood counter which served as workspace, office, dining table, and I was tired of having to put away my current projects, just to make dinner.  My new studio has a door that can be closed, so the mess can just hang out, waiting until after dinner when I will return.  I installed four track lights in the 120sf room, so it has a lot of light, in addition to a large window.

The room has a great, creative vibe, but the strange thing is that I don’t actually work in there. It has become more of a display case and I still find myself at the dining table, drinking tea, at the computer, sitting right in the middle of my small house.  Initially this realization bothered me, I wasn’t sure why I had just created this new room if I wasn’t going to use it. But, then I saw that I actually was using it, I just wasn’t sitting in it.  It has become my stage, my backdrop, and my place where anything goes. I get inspired when I walk in and spend hours arranging the photos and images on the wall or repositioning the photos on top of the bookshelves.

I think the weather may also have something to do with it. In these early spring days, it is still quite chilly out, and my body craves the light and warmth which the southern facing windows in my kitchen let in. My studio faces north and as the days get hotter, I think I may find myself escaping the sun and cooling off in there more often.  But, either way, who cares? If it is only ever my display case room, so be it.

2 thoughts on “A Workroom

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I can relate. Having new spaces actually alters our behavior and thinking. Having a “me” room or “inspiration” room is a powerful gift to give yourself…. sometimes just knowing it’s there is enough…. it’s a new seasoning to the recipe of our lives when we literally and figuratively have it. It’s a new level of wealth no?

  2. A new level of wealth is a good way to put it. I think it took me a bit to get to used to having a room that felt “extra” and extravagant”. I’m finally able to see it as something that simply inspires me and that, at least for now, is enough. I think it will continue to evolve!

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