Oscar Rama

I’ve loved watching the Oscars for as long as I can remember, but who doesn’t? I know there are those who say it’s nothing but a bunch of lucky, attractive, wealthy people who make up imaginary lives and worlds and then pat themselves on the back once a year and pick a winner. But, I love the escape of going to the movies, watching one in my living room, or picking a favorite dress on the red carpet.  For years it was a fascination with the fantasy of celebrity, wealth, beauty, and the city that spawned it all, LA, that drew me to watch the Oscars. But, after working in the industry for the past ten years, I now love to watch the metamorphosis of people I have actually worked with as they turn into beautiful, intriguing butterflies for one night. With some exceptions, they are often quite normal, likable, interesting people who are not only great at what they do but who, for that year, were part of a project that came together in the perfect way to showcase their talent. People always ask me if I can tell whether something will be good or bad when I am working on it and my answer is no.  I have been shocked too many times when something I thought would be great wasn’t, and vice versa. My favorite categories are those not related to acting. Not that I don’t respect the actors, but it’s my fellow crew members who I really love to see getting the recognition they deserve. Only after seeing how many people it really takes to make a movie, how much stress, sleepless nights, and grand vision is involved, did I really begin to appreciate the achievement this award measured.  Tonight I’ll be not only watching the red carpet and admiring the stars, but I’ll be cheering for the unfamiliar faces in the crowd, the ones not many people will recognize, but who helped the movie become what it did. Go Seamus McGarvey and Jose Anotonio Garcia!

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