Part One

Part One of the “Three Part Full Moon in Aries, Eclipse Period, Mercury in Retrograde, Autumn of 2014 Rejuvenation Adventure” has concluded and will be referred to simply as “the trip” from here on.

It began Friday night, with the red eye to JFK, leading to an apartment in Bedstuy. From there, “the trip” consisted of eating high amounts of gluten, visiting with friends, tacos twice, a walk through Central Park upon realizing I’d just gone to the NY Historical Society when I’d meant to go to The Museum of the City of NY (both were great), an artisan food fair, Jasmine ginger ale, the High Line, a peek into ABC Home, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and more gluten.

The air was brisk as summer seemed to give up. Leaves were just beginning their change and without a sweater, nights were cold.

After a somewhat sketchy subway ride back towards JFK, one that included a fight, a sprayed substance, and forced evacuation of the train, I find myself waiting to board flight number two.

Stay Tuned…





Sandals in the Subway


I just returned from a quick and delicious weekend in Manhattan and Brooklyn… Almost two years since my last visit, I was craving a quick jolt of the energy only that city can provide.
While packing I realized my normal season for visiting is autumn, and scarves, sweaters, and boots are all I want to wear there. But, instead I tried to pack for hot, humid, dirty urban, which meant black skirts, dark tanks, and the sturdiest sandals I own. Though sandals in the subway just seem wrong.
I spent my days wandering, eating, and drinking with friends, agenda and plan free. Some highlights included Bryant Park iced tea drinking discussions, Le Labo Tubereuse, donuts on the lower east side, great black squid ink pasta with king crab and lemon, and a quick walk on the Highline.
For the first two days, a cool breeze blew as the sun shone, with a sticky humidity holding off until Sunday. Though to my parched desert skin, even that felt great.
As a child, New York was the only city I wanted to live in. The anonymity it allows people appealed to me, along with its inherent attitude and style. But now, as I watch my friends navigate lives and careers in the city, I realize that for me, it may only ever be a place to visit, to read about, and to soak up, once a year.