2014 Smagikscope

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through another mundane and magnificent year here on planet Earth. You’re alive!

As 2014 begins, the asteroid Salud will light the skies, urging all to take more walks, breathe more deeply, and smell more roses. Laughter will do wonders for your health this year, remember to keep it light!

On January 31st, we will celebrate the transition from Year of the Water Snake to that of the Horse. For all those who feel slightly more comfortable feeding carrots to horses than they do swimming in a lake and feeling something slither between their legs, get out and celebrate…and don’t forget the fortune cookie!

As the year progresses and settles into its own rhythm, use the spring to clean out clutter, plan an adventure, and learn something new; a new recipe, a new language, a new kissing technique, it doesn’t matter. You will be grateful for this new skill when Jupiter hosts a talent show at the beginning of July.

You may not have any idea of where you’re heading until this summer when all will be made clear. Adventure will beckon and you’ll be ready! Whether it’s that road trip you’ve always wanted to go on, that loop through South America, or the visit to relatives you’ve been avoiding, now is the moment. The weekend of August 2nd will be a great time to buy that new luggage you’ve had your eye on.

As the summer comes to a close, keep looking up as this is when money and luck will quite literally fall from the sky. Pay off debt and trust that the universe will continue to provide exactly what you need.

As we enter autumn, Venus’ light will be shining bright and you will feel love pouring down upon you. You will quite literally glow because of it. Use the confidence which comes from being unconditionally loved to pass that same feeling onto others. This is the opportune time for the world to know peace as this feeling of love will make harming others an unthinkable option.

And, as winter approaches and another year comes to a close, be kind to yourself and know that, just like everyone else, you did the best you could, and next year will be even better!

Have a magical, beautiful, humorous, love filled, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous adventure aka 2014!

Oh, 2013, it’s been… interesting!

It’s been a year of lessons, floods, introspection, things coming from left field, and of learning to let go, to laugh at myself, and to trust. Really, it’s been the exact opposite of the extroverted adrenaline high that was my 2012.

I should have known when I bought a calendar on Etsy.com which proclaimed that 2013 would be “the best year ever,” that I was setting myself up for trouble. I really wanted the excitement of 2012 to continue, but it was soon obvious that 2013 was to be about landing back in my life, examining, and moving forward from there. I had to learn to trust myself and the universe when I had no idea where I was being led.

In one of my first smagik posts, I wrote that I’d chosen “centered” as my word for the year and that I’d have to wait until the end of the year to see if that was an appropriate choice. Well, be careful what you ask for! The universe will not simply bestow the feeling, but will hand you the situation in which to practice that which you say you want.

For much of the summer and fall, I felt that I was in a little rowboat, trying to make it through stormy waves of emotion I’d never experienced before, heading towards an unknown destination, trying not to capsize. Trying to stay centered.

Turning down job offers, I took writing classes which had me plumbing my depths for material, unsure where any of it would lead. Submitting work and heading to El Salvador for surf camp, I crossed two items off of my bucket list.

As I sit here, on the last day of the year, I think Wow. It actually has been a good year, just not in the ways I expected it to be. It had some great highs and dark lows, but here I am, feeling truly more centered than ever. Watch what you ask for!

And so, as a friend likes to say, “keep it simple, stupid.” This year I’m choosing Happiness as my word. Keeping it simple. I’ll report back in a year!

Happy 2014 to all!