Archives for the month of: June, 2016

Packing, cleaning, and getting ready to head back to New Mexico. A last minute trip back up to Griffith Observatory, one of my favorite places in LA. 

Happy Strawberry Full Moon Summer Solstice! May you move into your future with clarity and leave behind all that no longer serves you. May you recognize the magic in your life and thereby create more of it. 

What to say when someone you love can’t find the way out of their own darkness? What to write when each news story is more tragic than the last and there are no answers. That is where I’ve been lately and why I haven’t written. Instead, I prayed. 

Please help us to find the light in our lives, in others, and most especially to see that it exists in those we think we have absolutely nothing in common with. Please help us to love fiercely even when that means opening ourselves up to pain.  Please help us trust ourselves and therefor others.  Please help us to see the bigger picture. Please help us know what to say when words seem useless. Please continue to guide us. Please help us to be brave. Please help us to find beauty in the little things that make up our lives. Please remind us that we are all spinning together on a beautiful, colorful, loud, chaotic, crowded, awesome planet, that no one knows what is going on, and that love always wins. 

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