Manifesto For A Smagikal New Year-
Have Gratitude for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Remember that your choices have led you to exactly where you are. Say yes. Surprise yourself daily. Choose love over fear and adventure over familiar. Remember that you can rarely, if ever, see the whole picture from where you stand. Listen to your body. Call your friends. Follow a new recipe. Stop using the word Should. Never Settle. Remember that Happiness is a choice and choose it. Dance at lunch. Get properly dressed before leaving the house. Be what you want to attract. Live Simply. Exercise and make health a priority. Shake it off. Hand it over. Go somewhere you have never been. Lighten the F*** up. Learn a new skill. Do what you can to make the world a better place. Keep your side of the street clean. Don’t follow the Crazy. Always choose Kindness. Never Judge. Meditate. Make Eye Contact. Trust the Flow of your Life. Say Please and Thank You. Drink more water. Have more fun. Remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that It Is All Good. Tell those you love that you Love them. Spend time in nature. Let Go. Make something with your hands. Pay attention when something, or someone, makes you smile. Laugh at yourself. Be of Service. Always Remember that This Too Shall pass; the great, the sad, the fantastic, and the difficult. Appreciate this Magical little life you’ve been given and Be Joyful.



Only one more day until the empty possibility of a whole, brand new year! 365 more days in which to make choices, laugh, create, explore, question, do, love, dream, plan, dance, speak, act, wonder, and live!

2015 has been a fairly great year for me.  Building on 2014, which was  a decently good year, and 2013 which was an amazingly difficult one, this year continued the upward trajectory that I have every reason to believe will continue in 2016.  I managed to repeatedly surprise myself, be mostly happy, try new things, make things with my hands, step fully out of my comfort zone, feel centered, be honest, laugh, dance, live in reality, trust, and go with the flow.

Looking towards the new year, and back at old smagik posts, I thought about a word for 2016.  This wasn’t something I took lightly, as the past several years’ words had proven strangely prophetic; 2015 was Joy, 2014 Happiness/Congruence, and 2013 Centered.  Some possible candidates were Courage, Trust, and Flow. I want to have courage to trust the flow of my life.  Both actively creating what I want, but also standing back and letting go of the final outcome.  What kind of life do I want to create? Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? How do I want to do it?

I want Faith.  I want to have faith that all is exactly as it should be, that there are no mistakes, and that as long as I keep making choices from a place of love, rather than fear, I have nothing to worry about. I want to see what presents itself and have the courage to say Yes, even when it looks different than I imagined it would.  I want to let go with grace, always remembering that for every No there is a better Yes down the road.  I want to continue to surprise myself, to wonder, to create, to wake excited, and to choose happiness and joy.

And so, for this little smagikal life I am creating, I choose Faith as my word for 2016.

Have a Fantastically Amazing New Year!

Some highlights from 2015

May You Wake Joyful

May you be filled with the wonder of a small child when you wake in the morning, may the magic of the season seep into your dreams, may the light of the almost full moon stream through your window, may you eat something covered with sprinkles, drink something fizzy,  talk to someone you love, and see something that makes you smile. May you be in awe of this crazy, awesome life you are currently living. 

Merry Christmas! 

Or, if that’s not your thing, Happy December 25th!

The Life of an Object

I am home from LA and life is falling into its usual, albeit odd, unemployed routine of morning coffee/blogging and the rearranging of furniture and bookshelves. 

After unpacking my suitcase, two pieces of hand printed mud cloth found their way onto my furniture and the velvet jacket into my closet. 

 Always on the lookout for unique treasures, whether traveling or not, it’s the integration of those items into my life that I really love. The fish pillows I found at the Railyard Market in Albuquerque, look great on the arrow print fabric, as does the hand embroidered pillow from a market in Mexico City. And the velvet jacket hangs well next to the silk jacket found years ago at The  Goodwill.  

As I sit at my kitchen table, drinking coffee, I look at the objects surrounding me and love that each has its own story.