Reduce, Reuse, Etc.

I’ve been in a major spring cleaning, closet revamping, home decorating zone lately. And much of it has been based on looking at what I already have, which can be either altered or sold, in order to love all that surrounds me.

I’ve rediscovered Rit Dye and have had a few successes and a few failures with it. A striped sweater that I tried to dye a dark navy came out purple= fail, while an orange throw which I dyed pink came out great=success.


A faded pink wall in my back yard was painted a bright aqua to bring a zing to the whole space.

A pair of jeans, that I rarely wore anymore, were cut off to become cutoffs that I’ll probably live in all summer.


A pile of old clothing was taken to Buffalo Exchange and turned into a pair of metallic gold sandals, a cool black cardigan, a crazy floral dress from the 1970’s, and a gold frog ring that is one of my all time favorite finds. I’ve been taking clothing to Buffalo Exchange on a regular basis since I was 12 and it remains a favorite hobby/treasure hunt. Like most people I know these days, I tire of my clothing much quicker than it actually wears out and trading it is the perfect way to both clean out my closet and shop.


All of this goes perfectly with my goal to simplify, to live within my means, to love what I have, and to let go of all the rest.


Looking in my fridge today, I saw these ingredients-
Cut, raw butternut squash

Along with almond milk, yogurt, and some eggs, there wasn’t much else. I began by simmering the squash in a pan with a couple of cups of water, until tender, adding sage from my garden, salt, pepper, olive oil, and garlic. Once the squash was mashable, I added Parmesan, ricotta, kale, and juice from a lemon. All measurements were to taste. I let this simmer and mixed it with brown rice, gluten free, fusilli pasta. It was delicious! I ate it too fast to take a pretty pic.

Improvising Happiness

One week into my new year here on earth and I’ve honestly been too busy to think about much, other than my sore feet. But, as my recent jobs, working on shows that take place in both Ancient Egypt and the 1940’s, come to a close, I have some time to reflect.

I’ve always liked where my birthday falls within the year. With three months between it and New Years, I am usually a bit clearer about my wishes, hopes, and a word for the year. Three months ago, I chose “happiness” as my word for 2014, in an attempt to keep things simple.

Now, for age 35, I’m adding the word “congruence.” Hoping to stay on track with happiness, I am attempting to make sure my choices and decisions are in line with that desire. It’s taken years to finally figure out that I truly am the engineer, manifester, designer, or whatever you want to call it, of my life. Happiness is a choice and one that I want to make daily.

I’ve spent much of the past year really paying attention to the small things that repeatedly bring me joy and those that don’t. I’ve allowed things to change and evolve and accepted that things which used to do the trick, might not anymore. And I’ve had to realize that my life might end up looking very different than I once thought it would, but that if I’m staying on track with being happy, then it doesn’t matter and it’s all good.

Eight weeks ago, I signed up for an improv class on a whim. It was something I hadn’t done since college and that I hoped would go well with my creative writing classes; getting me out of my head, keeping me present, helping me to have fun and take myself less seriously. It achieved all of those and yesterday, after the last class, we were all given “World’s Best Improvisor” awards.

I had to laugh at how perfectly this fit into my life. I feel like the universe keeps asking me to replace outdated plans and agendas with improvisation and trust. By staying present, paying attention to what makes me happy, letting go of what doesn’t, and keeping my decisions in line with that happiness, I have more of it in my life every day.