Are we there yet?

In my Curious George book, it only takes one page turn to get to the ocean. But, when mom and dad took me to surf camp with them in El Salvador, it took us two days, two planes, some airport trains, and a bus to get there.
First, we had to wake up in the dark and pick up Tia. Then, we flew to a place called Atlanta where we got out for half a day, ran up and down the hallways, ate bad Mexican food at a place called Fiestas, and slept in a hotel.
Then we had to get on another plane, sit still for three more hours, and try to be quiet until we finally landed in a very, very green country. All I wanted to do was lay down in the middle of the sidewalk, so I did. Then, we had to get in a van and drive some more.
Finally, we arrived at the promised ocean and it seems like all they said it would be. There’s a swing set and a beach to build sandcastles and waves to splash in and a really fast slide. The people speak funny but something tells me by the end of the week I’ll have this Spanish thing down, no problem.
Seems like all in all, so far, being a three year old at surf camp is pretty sweet.


Looking Back

Life is funny and seems to have an unending need to keep us on our toes. Recently looking back on some old posts, I came across “When is the time?” from July 23rd, 2013. Ten weeks ago I came up with a plan for my autumn, based on a job I committed to for the winter and spring and the desire to take time off before my life was once again consumed by a movie set. Looking back at the list, I was shocked that I’ve actually accomplished, or am about to accomplish, almost every item I wrote down. There have been many days that I’ve felt completely aimless and like I had no plan, and it’s only looking back that I realize I’ve actually-

Booked a trip to surf camp in El Salvador with my sister and her family, where I’ll also be able to practice Spanish.
Written (almost) every day.
Discovered a swing dancing venue with weekly dancing.
Read many, many of the unread books on my shelf.
Cooked every day. (Reheating is cooking!)
Spent time with family.

Seems the only two things on the list I won’t be doing this fall are returning to Mexico or taking a German class. In addition, I started submitting stories to magazines, completed two writing classes, joined a book/wine/supper club, and began to build some form of the creative and social life I’ve been missing when each of my film jobs wrap.

The ironic part is that the job I was counting on, that gave me the guts to go through with my plan and not worry about the lack of finances, ended up falling through. That isn’t uncommon in the film industry and I just have to trust that another will come along at the perfect time (November!) I know I wouldn’t have been brave enough to turn down several jobs in the last few months, in order to complete my list, if I didn’t think I had that big job coming. But, oh well! I’m glad I took this time and have to believe it’s all going exactly as it should.



Aries: (or insert your sign here)
Be on the lookout for money falling from the sky or for a long lost relative leaving you an Italian villa on Tuesday, when Venus lands on top of Jupiter. On Wednesday, Saturn will leave your sign for the next sixty years, taking with it all hardship associated with this planet. A job opportunity that combines the perfect blend of creative flexibility, structure, and that will pay you more money than you’ll know what to do with, will appear on Thursday. As the moon lights your eighteenth house of social revelry and merriment, you’ll be the It girl at every party you attend and the invitations just won’t stop. Opportunities for travel to exotic lands will appear mid month, be ready to grab ahold. A lover or partner will be in the mood for romance all month and communications should flow seamlessly. All of the questions and uncertainties in every area of your life will be answered by the end of the month and you will live happily ever after.

Astro Crazy

Geez O Peet. Do not read your October horoscope if you’re trying to maintain a cool, calm, and collected vibe. It doesn’t matter your sign for apparently the planets are out to wreak havoc on each and every one of us in the coming month.

Though a bit of an astrology junkie, there are many terms I don’t fully understand as I flip from site to site, looking for something that rings true. I walk a fine line between taking it all with a grain of salt and really believing it. I then end up worrying that by having read about a potential difficulty, I am helping to manifest such a situation by thinking about it. At that point I turn off the computer, fold the newspaper, and cut myself off.

As someone who tries to live her life from a place of faith and trust in the universe, I realize that the times when I find myself obsessing about astrology are usually the same ones when I’m having a hard time keeping that faith. I want answers, something to tell me it’s all good, there’s a date when it will all become clear, and that I have some control. Well…. I can pretend all I want, but should know by now that all I can ever do is stay present, make decisions based on the information I have at the moment, and keep moving forward.

So, at the moment I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, it’s a beautiful October morning outside, and, though each astrologer says the first week of the month is supposed to be a killer, this doesn’t seem so bad.